What You Need To Know Before Investing in a Domain


This is one of the more important factors, but should not be the deciding one. Too many make it the deciding vote. Shop around and see what you can find online. I know what you are thinking. Cheap, cheap and cheap. This might look and sound good on paper, but it’s not. Just because it’s really cheap, doesn’t make it better. Cheap is no a good idea, especially when you have need to make money off of the site. Many rely on their site to make money. Looking at out-sourced domains and those who charge $1.99, will not give you what you want. It’s also not going to be what you need.

As I said, shop around. Don’t just take the first thing that comes to mind. Look at what you need out of your domain. Then pick a domain that can give you those needs.


Not all domains are right for everyone. Each one is there for specific purposes. A domain which might look good on paper, might not be able to serve you 100%. You need to pick a domain that is cutting-edge. You need something that can give you what you need. Don’t just make a choice based on some frivolous expectation. Your site needs to offer more then this.


Everything has it’s limits, even domain and domain hosting. Think of this as a relationship. You are picking something which is going to be there for you for the long haul. You need to look at the limits. If a domain is going to have a few deal-breakers, then you have to keep this in mind. It might look good on the surface and might offer a really good price, but what else is underneath?

With the cheaper-priced domains, they won’t have the power needs you might be looking for. You might have to deal with very limited space. Your disk space and RAM might not be what you need. Think about this when shopping around. Think about your needs, than look for the domains which can deliver.


This is something which should be considered at least once, eve if it’s just a passing thought. I’ll be honest, not everyone looks into the whole support factor. It’s not that they don’t look into it, it’s just not as important. It depends on the type of person you are.

Which type of person are you? Are you looking for 24/7 support? Are you looking for someone who will be there on occasion? People fall into three different categories with this situation. Some only need the occasional support from their tech guy. They just need to make one call every so often, that’s it.

Some are looking for their own private therapist with tech support. Don’t laugh, it does happen. Others are looking for something in between. Which type are you? Figure that out and look into the domains which offer it.

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